Saturday, September 22, 2012


Semalam, after work, we went straight to The Curve/Ikano for dinners appointment.

Ya. Setiap Jumaat kita cuba spend a quality time and have a proper dinner together.

Jef since recovered from a high fever, asyik fikir pasal makan. Memang aku suka sangat.

He usually declined the idea of makan makan di Ikea. Tak panas dia kata. Tapi memang pon.

I'm the one who always insist

But today he suggested to have dinner over there.

Thats quite surprising but i hide my curiosity very well.
and offcorse agreed without much hesitation

He wanted to have 5 pcs


Mine, tapi ada orang sebat juga

That's all we had for dinner.

After makan we heading towards l'occitaines shop nearby

Thought i'm not in need of another body lotion 

So this is what i bought at another shop. 
The Face Shop. 

I'm waiting for this moment to come and have been waited too long to own this products.

And today is the day

Where someones offering his $$ to pay yahoooo!
It cost nearly RM120

He bought these for himself
And finally received gifts frm the shop because we spend more than RM150 in a single receipt.
Bag dgn cleanser 3 jenis.


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